why isn’t there enough love for Craig Ferguson on this website?


he is strange and unashamed


let’s talk about Geoff his gay robot sidekick


he speaks the truth


he gives zero fucks


he’s creepy and he knows it


he is a Doctor Who fanboy


he asks celebrities questions that we would all ask them




he… um, cares about women’s health?


he’s the embodiment of tumblr





most importantly he doesn’t take himself seriously and loves his job Craig Ferguson deserves all the love


four for you, Craig Ferguson. You go Craig Ferguson.

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Jon Snow: Ned Stark’s Bastard, Knows Nothing.

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The palpable confusion by the Price is Right audience as to why the hell a talking skeleton replaced the models and what a dancing horse had to do with anything makes it worth it.

Dear 10-Year-Old Self,

Before you ask me when you have your first kiss or if you’ll ever have a boyfriend, I need to tell you some more important stuff first. What’s more important than a first kiss, you ask? Plenty.

First of all, don’t let that kid in your class, Danny, who called you fat, make you self-consciously wear oversized sweatshirts for the next four years to hide your body. That kid is horrible and years from now he will be boring and bald and trying to get in touch with you to come to the set of the TV show you work on. No, you don’t work on Cheers. That show’s not on the air anymore. That would’ve been awesome, though.

Another thing: Say thank you, always. Gratitude is the closest thing to beauty manifested in an emotion. When you’re grateful, people are attracted to you.

Also: Make sure you appreciate Mom and Dad. Yes, they never seem to let you do anything now except read books. Once you turn 18 you’ll never get to live with them again, and you’ll live far away, and you will miss them so much it hurts.

Next: Learn forgiveness and bestow it generously.

Finally: Don’t let anyone give you any crap. Mastering a balance of these last two will take you a lifetime, so you had better get started now.

Mindy Kaling

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I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

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"In space no one can hear you snore." — Mark E.

Bob and Linda Read Internet Movie Reviews, Part 4: ‘Gravity’ 

"Are there frogs in the ocean?"

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Dude, I just wanna leave with some medals and a puppy. —Gus Kenworthy, US Silver Medalist in Ski Slopestyle, at a press conference. [Gus has been tweeting about adopting one, or a few of the stray dogs around Sochi.] (via nprontheroad)
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They introduce themselves as pro-life. And I say, ‘Oh, I’m so glad. You must be fighting for healthcare for the poor.’ And they look at me like I’m bonkers. —Sheila Walsh, a Catholic nun (via decaforhightest)

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No, the Civil Wars isn’t back together. But they did record an Elliott Smith cover, which you can hear now.

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